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The way its threads are sewn, since there are no spaces between them, allows for its softness, great consistency and elegant shine.

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A hypoallergenic fabric that will not only take care of your hair, but also your skin. Giving an aesthetic look to your hairstyles.

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Imagine a material so transparent that it is like a soft breeze hugging your skin. Organza, the most romantic of fabrics, dances between the realms of dreams and reality.

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Here you have the solution with these pre-organized packages especially for you.

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Whether it's a satin, organza or chiffon scrunchie, the most important thing is to know that you are helping the growth and health of your hair.

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  • XXL

    Ideal for moments of prominence in your outfits.

    They do 2 to 3 turns.

    Diameter: 20 cm approx.

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  • L

    Ideal to highlight your hairstyles in your daily life.

    They do 2 to 3 turns.

    Diameter: 14 cm approx.

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  • Mini

    A small size and extremely cute!

    They do 2 to 3 turns.

    Diameter: 10 cm approx.

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  • xch

    Ideal for activities where your hair requires great support.

    They do 2 to 3 turns.

    Diameter: 8 cm approx.

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Nuestra scrunchie estrella

A message from the founder

Each scrunchie is handmade by me, thinking that you can show off your hair and personality. With great style and confidence!

Long, short, dyed, straight, chino, whatever, you'll find a scrunchie for you!

Never hesitate to be authentic, and express yourself freely.

Love, Founder Zyanya Gaona.


  • Valentina M.

    I have a lot of hair and these scrunchies hold it perfectly. The best purchase I have made, they are very cute. My mom also really liked the one I gave her!!

  • Danny

    I was surprised with the quality of my scrunchies, they are super soft, I loved the satin ones. I have the Blake mini and it is a must, I always use it for work, it goes with everything!

  • Fer Hdez.

    I don't wear hair ties anymore because they pulled out my hair really badly. They recommended using scrunchies, and I tried these. One hundred quality, and they don't tear my hair out 10/10

  • Graciela

    My daughter came across these scrunchis, and we had to order them, because they looked beautiful. And yes, the quality is impeccable, I do recommend them

  • Ana G.

    I loved the way they came packaged, the thank you cards are very cute, you can see the great work and the warm attention

  • Marifer

    I love the color blue and I had to buy the Nila, Alfie and Gala scrunchies, the shades are beautiful and they shine very beautifully

  • Sofi M.

    I am obsessed with these scrunchies! The extra small size is perfect for my volleyball classes, they hold my hair very well

  • Paola

    I have never seen organza scrunchies as beautiful as these, the quality is incredible, they come very well finished and the colors are beautiful

  • Naty Rguez.

    I love them! I have bought scrunchies from other well-known stores and they are very fragile. These have lasted me a long time and are still like new!!!

  • Dulce Gonzalez

    Excellent quality, the material is top-notch. I bought some for my daughter and my mother, and they were delighted. In addition, the girl's attention was very warm and friendly when I asked about the shipping.